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Are you ready to boost your earnings by promoting our exciting games? Join our affiliate program today and start earning money for every user you refer. It's a win-win opportunity – you promote our website, and we reward you with either cash or gaming credit. Here's how it works:

How to Become an Affiliate:

1. Login/Register

If you're already a user of, you're halfway there! Simply login to your account. If you're new to our site, creating an account is easy and free. Once you have access to your account, goto the Affiliates tab and you're ready to make money!

2. Share Your Unique Link

In your account, under the Affiliates tab, you'll find your unique referral link. Share this link with your friends, family, and social media followers. When new users sign up through your link, you become their affiliate.

Affiliate Benefits:

Earn Money: As an affiliate, you'll receive 20% of the net losses from every user who registers through your link. The more users you refer, the more you earn.

Monthly Payouts: Affiliate earnings are paid out monthly, allowing you to enjoy your hard-earned rewards regularly.

Play With Your Earnings: You can use your affiliate earnings to play our games or withdraw them as cash, the choice is yours!

Easy Tracking: You can monitor your affiliate earnings in real-time through your account.

Terms and Conditions:

• Please be sure to review our service terms.

• Remember that affiliate earnings are based on net losses, and they're calculated on a monthly basis.

• You can refer as many users as you like, so share your unique link far and wide!

Get Started Today!

Ready to start earning big money? Join the Affiliate Program and let the games begin!