Change Log

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You've come a long way, baby! Check out our development journey below.

Version 2.5

• Update: Homepage design
• Update: Account page design
• Update: Game pages design
• Addition: Added currencies: Litecoin, Dogecoin

Version 2.4

• Addition: Added page FAQ
• Addition: Launched new game Magic Dice
• Addition: Added transaction fee bonus to all deposits

Version 2.3

• Update: Design
• Addition: Update to Lucky 7s design
• Addition: Update to High-Low design

Version 2.2

• Update: Design
• Addition: Update account page
• Addition: Launched our Affiliate Program
• Addition: Launched new game Pick Six

Version 2.1

• Update: Design
• Addition: New account page
• Addition: Added page Verify Bet

Version 2.0

• Update: Design
• Addition: Launched new game Lucky 7s
• Addition: Launched new login/register page Login/Register
• Addition: View bet popup on all game pages

Version 1.5

• Update: Design
• Addition: Bet slide bar to all game pages

Version 1.0

• Site launch