Fair Gaming

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Provably fair gaming is a concept that ensures transparency and fairness in online gambling. It allows players to verify the integrity of the game results and be confident that they are not being manipulated.

We are dedicated to ensuring transparency and fairness in our gaming experience. Our provably fair gaming system employs a combination of server seed, client seed, and nonce.

Here's a breakdown of how our provably fair system works:

Server Seed: We have a secure server seed that remains constant until the client seed changes. This seed is generated and stored on our servers, ensuring its integrity and randomness. A new server seed is regenerated when the client seed is changed.

Client Seed: When you make an account a client seed is randomly generated for you. Your client seed can be changed by you at any time in your account page.

Nonce: Each game played is associated with a unique nonce. Think of it as a bet counter. The nonce starts at zero and increases by one after each of your bets. It resets to zero when the client seed is changed.

Seed Combination: The server seed, client seed, and nonce are combined using the SHA-512 hashing algorithm to create a unique and random number for each game played.

Game Outcome Determination: The combined seed serves as the starting point for determining the game outcome. The rules of the specific game you are playing dictate the outcome, ensuring fairness and randomness.

Result Verification: Once you change your client seed a new server seed is generated and we disclose the past server seed. You can independently verify the fairness of the result by combining your client seed, the revealed server seed, and nonce using the same hashing algorithm. This allows you to confirm the integrity of the game outcome.

By incorporating a server seed, client seed, and nonce, our provably fair system ensures that each game round is unbiased, transparent, and independently verifiable. It guarantees that neither the player nor the platform can manipulate the results.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of fairness and integrity in our gaming platform. If you have any further questions regarding our provably fair system or need assistance with the verification process, please contact support.